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Meet the Team

Our team reflects the needs of the community, and focuses on chronic disease management, disease prevention and health promotion.

Dr. K. Chung

Lead Physician

470 Bronte Street South Suite #110 Milton ON

Dr. M. Zhou

Assoc. Lead

6990 Derry Road
Suite#102 Milton ON

Dr. J. Osumek

6990 Derry Road Suite #201 Milton ON

Dr. N. Solovyova

6990 Derry Road Suite #201 Milton ON

Dr. N. Mathews

470 Bronte Street South Suite #206 Milton ON

Dr. C. Malec

470 Bronte Street South Suite #206 Milton ON

Dr. M. Schatzmann

470 Bronte Street South Suite #206 Milton ON

Dr. A. Yudin

470 Bronte Street South Suite #206 Milton ON

Dr. J. Kaicker

470 Bronte Street South Suite #200 Milton ON

Dr. A. Sadera

​470 Bronte Street South Suite #110 Milton ON

Dr. B. Watada

311 Commercial Street Suite #202 Milton ON

Dr. L. Horvat

497 Laurier Avenue Suite #1 Milton ON

Dr. J. McNish

470 Bronte Street South Suite #110 Milton, ON

Dr. A Sawhney

6990 Derry Road
Suite#102 Milton ON

Dawn Spence, Ursula Tracz, Sharilee Cox-Arseneault

Nurse Practitioners:

Our Nurse practitioners (NPs) are autonomous health professionals with advanced education and clinical experience. NPs provide advanced health assessment, diagnose and manage both acute and chronic illnesses, and provide routine well baby, child, adult, and geriatric health assessments. NPs work in collaboration with patients and other medical professionals to provide holistic health care.  NPs can order and interpret screening and diagnostic tests, perform procedures, make referrals as needed, and prescribe most medications.

Kari Jussila

Physician Assistant:

Our Physician Assistant (PA) is a health professional who practices as a physician extender. Physician Assistants perform tasks similar to those performed by their physician supervisors which would include taking a patient history, performing physical examinations, ordering diagnostic testing, referring patients for specialist care, diagnosing medical conditions and treatment including prescribing medications within the scope of their practice.

Julie Cordasco

Registered Nurse:

Our Registered Nurse (RN) provides general health screening services such as blood pressure and blood sugar checks as well as immunizations. Our RN participates in the Seniors Wellness and Education for Living Life (SWELL) Program. A component of SWELL is a Home Visiting service. The SWELL Program is for patients 55 years and older. Patients are seen on a referral basis by the Nurse Practitioner (NP) and/or the RN.

The RN and NP will assess or assist patients:

  • Conduct cognitive tests
  •  Educate Seniors of the role of other interdisciplinary health team members
  • Provide literature and offer group sessions on the disease processes
  • Offer assistance to caregivers regarding resources in the community
  • Navigate the system to enhance care at home by providing appropriate resources from the community

Carly Spraggett

Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator:

Our Registered Dietitian is uniquely trained to offer individual medical nutrition counselling to help manage Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia and many other health issues. The Dietitian offers practical strategies for healthy eating, weight management and preventing various lifestyle-related conditions. Group classes offered regularly to increase knowledge and skills related to healthy eating and behaviour modification.

Hongtao Wu

Registered Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator:

Our Certified Diabetes Educator provides expertise in the prevention, screening and management of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertention and Hyperlipidemia. Focus in on providing health education on a broad range of topics including those related to health promotion and disease prevention to both individuals and groups. This education is given with one main goal in mind:  to put the patient back in control their health.

Melva Bellefountaine

Respiratory Therapist, Certified Respiratory Educator, Certified Tobacco Educator :

Our Respiratory Therapist is a health care professional who monitors, evaluates and treats individuals with respiratory and cardio-respiratory disorders. Our Respiratory Therapist works with the multidisciplinary team to diagnose, educate and provide self-management tools to patients with respiratory diseases such as Asthma and COPD (chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Additional services provided include the Smoking Cessation Program.

Monica Pease, Cathy Sheahan

Mental Health Counsellors:

Our Mental Health Counsellors (MHC) are registered social workers who provide assessment and counselling for psychosocial and mental health issues.  The MHCs work with people to build strategies to manage mild-to-moderate anxiety and/or depression, and to address a variety of life stressors including relationships, school, work, family issues, and grief and bereavement.


Our Psychologist provides diagnostic assessments and consultation for children and adults with mental health concerns.  Brief interventions including behaviour therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy are also available.

Ujala Khanderia


Our Chiropodist provides diabetic foot screening that includes vascular and neurological assessments to determine risk level.  The Chiropodist also provides routine foot care and wound care for diabetic patients.

Priscilla Berton


Our part-time Physiotherapist will develop and enhance therapeutic programs, in addition she provides initial patient assessment.

Executive Director

Gina Mannella

Program Coordinator

Erica Nicholson

Medical Secretaries

Freeha Shuaib
Ella Daterra