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Listen up!  September is not far away, and we are beyond excited to announce the launch of three brand new wellness programs, completely complimentary to you!

Information sessions start this September – October and space is limited, so be sure to contact us @ 905.878.1720 to save your spot today!

NEW! Physical Activity for COPD

NEW! Physical Activity for COPD - Prime care, Milton

Did you know that exercise is especially important for those living with COPD?  In fact, second only to smoking, exercise is one of the most powerful strategies we have for managing COPD.  In this 12 week program (2 classes/week), you will work with our personal certified trainers, and recieve your own customized exercise plan to meet your individual needs.  If you are living with COPD, and want to learn how to incorporate exercise into your self-management plan, please join us.

September Information Session

Friday, September 8 @ 1:30-2:30pm

Register by calling us @ 905.878.1720

NEW! Mindfulness101: Strategies for Coping

NEW! Mindfulness101: Strategies for Coping - Prime care, Milton

Meditation is a powerful tool for allowing us to better connect with the present moment. Often times we wind up focusing too much on the past, worrying excessively about the future, or simply rushing mindlessly through our days, that we fail to be truly engaged in life, which is happening now.

Mindfulness Meditation helps us to cultivate a certain presence, or mindfulness, which allows us to fully accept the present moment without judgement. Practicing mindfulness has an enormously beneficial effect on our overall well-being; improving both our physical and mental health.

We invite you to join us for our first ever Mindfulness101: Strategies for Coping program, led by our very own Mental Health Counsellors.  In this 4-part workshop series, you will be guided through your practice, and gain a deeper understanding of mindfulness, meditation, and how you can start truly transforming your health today.

September Information Session

Tuesday, Septebmer 19 @ 1:30-2:30pm

Register by calling us @ 905.878.1720

NEW! Yoga for Chronic Lung Conditions (Adults)

NEW! Yoga for Chronic Lung Conditions (Adults) - Prime care, Milton

Yogic exercises have been shown to have positive effects on people with asthma, cardiac diseases, diabetes, depressive disorders and arthritis.

Yoga can reduce shortness of breath in patients with chronic lung disease by toning up general body systems, increasing respiratory stamina, relaxing chest muscles, expanding the lungs, raising energy levels, and calming the body. Additionally, yoga training improves blood circulation and increases the strength of respiratory muscles. Finally, yoga training also helps patients to breathe more deeply by utilizing the shoulder, thoracic, and abdominal muscles efficiently.

Join our Respiratory Therapist/Certified Yoga Teacher for our very first Yoga for Chronic Lung Conditions program.  In this 8-week program (2 sessions/week), you will practice physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to support you in managing your condition.

October Information Session

Monday, October 2 @ 2:30-3:30pm

Register by calling us @ 905.878.1720

Also coming up - Prime Care, Milton

Mood Walks

Mood Walks - Prime care, Milton

Human beings are meant to be active and spend ample time outdoors. With the jam-packed demands of modern life however, most of us spend too much time on the couch, in front of the computer, or under hallogen lighting, and not enough time connecting with nature, each other, and engaging in some sort of physical activity.  While it may not seem immediately obvious, deficient activity levels and excessive time spent indoors are directly linked to low moods, stress, and other mental health related concerns.  Put it to the test: next time you are experiencing stress at home or in the office, go for a walk.  You will be amazed at what even a short walk can do for combating stress and lifting your mood!

Mood Walks is an initiative to promote both physical and mental health by reducing barriers and creating new opportunities for people experiencing stress, anxiety, or low moods to connect with others and be physically active in the natural environment.  We invite you to join us.

September Information Session

Wednesday, September 20 @ 12-1pm

Register by calling us @ 905.878.1720

Last Call! Craving Change

Last Call! Craving Change - Prime care, Milton

Want to change your relationship with food?  Our 3-part Craving Change workshop may be exactly what you need to kickstart a new connection between you and nutrition. This program is about helping people feel better about food and their food choices, and acknowledging the role the mind plays when it comes to how we think and feel about food.  What are some of the factors that contribute to poor eating choices?  What are the variables that support or promote positive changes?  These and other issues will be explored, and participants will gain insight as to what might be triggering their food cravings, and learn how to use thinking and behavioural strategies to make healthier choices more often.  Are you craving change?

August Information Session

Thursday, August 17 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm

Register by calling us @ 905.878.1720

Please check our website by clicking the link below, or contact Prime Care Family Health Team @ 905-878.1720 with any questions regarding any of the programs we offer.  We are here to support you.