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Living with Diabetes

Living healthy with diabetes requires the active participation in one’s own health and wellness.  This program provides education, practical skills, inspiration and support for those living with diabetes to confidently manage their day-to-day health. Through daily management, minimizing symptoms, and preventing or treating complications, patients can experience an improved and healthy quality of life.

Program Date

Thursday June 7th @ 5:30 – 8:30pm

Living with Diabetes - Prime care, Milton

In-Store Education and Grocery Store Tour

A collaboration with the Superstore in
Milton. Using the grocery store aisles as the
classroom, patients will tour through each section of the grocery store learning about making healthy food choices. Individuals will have the opportunity to learn more about reading labels and be able to compare the labels of their usual picks.

Program Date

Wednesday June 13th @ 9-10am

In-Store Education and Grocery Store Tour - Prime care, Milton

Heart Health

Join our next Healthy Heart class to learn more about how diet and other lifestyle factors can help reduce the risk of developing, or slowing the progression of, heart disease. We dive into the specifics of a heart healthy diet and how to incorporate physical activity and other positive changes to improve your health.

Program Date

Wednesday June 27th @ 9:30-11:30am

Heart Health - Prime care, Milton

Tiny Tots

Introducing Solid Foods

Your babies nutritional needs change as they grow.
Join us for our Tiny Tots sessions, if you are interested in learning how and when to introduce solid foods, as well as tips, facts and helpful information.

This class targets babies from 4-9 months of age.

Program Date

Thursday June 28th @ 10am-12pm

Tiny Tots - Prime care, Milton

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